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Senior Markets University offers a host of training and selling tools for insurance professionals interested in increasing their Medicare Supplement, Final Expense and other senior care products. Our educational platform uses teleconference, webinar and slide presentations based classes covering a range of topics from the basics to advanced sales concepts. Each class is designed to deliver the knowledge you want in a condensed and quick format. Whether you are new to the senior market, want to learn a few more sales strategies or broaden your knowledge of a particular carrier’s products, SeniorMarketsU can help. All classes are delivered via a tele-conference or webinar. No hard tests or quizzes…we promise. Best of all, all classes at SeniorMarketsU are free of charge! 

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Training Videos

General Training

Medicare Basics A & B

Medicare Basics - C & D

The Donut Hole

MedAdvantage vs. Med Supp

What is a Med Sup?

PDP Presentation

Sales Training

The Cycle of Selling

Building Trust Part 1

Building Trust Part 2

Establishing Rapport

Transition Questions

Developing Need


Switching Doctors - Hawaii Story

Answering Objections Part 1

Answering Objections Part 2

Turning 65 Script

Turning 66 Script

Policy Holder Phone Script


Signing up for Medicare

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Advantage- A Deeper Look


Extra Help

Enrollment Periods- Medicare Supplement

Election Periods- MA, MAPD, PD

Needs Analysis Profile

Five Month Marketing Plan

Educational Overviews

Medicare 101 (Printable)

 - What is Medicare?

 - What is a Medicare Supplement Plan

 - What is a Medicare Advantage Plan

 - What is a Prescription Drug Plan












Selling and Lead Systems

   DropBY-PhoneBY Lead Introduction Video
"DropBY-PhoneBY" Lead System
  1. DropBY-PhoneBY
  2. DropBY Video
  3. DropBy Phone Script
  4. DropBY Details
  5. DropBY List Giant Media/ Data Kit


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